What is a Margin Account?

A brokerage may lend you cash to trade on stocks and other financial instruments. A brokerage account that facilitates this type of activity is the margin account. The loan you acquire can be categorized by the security purchased or the cash awarded. Margin accounts come with periodic interest rates. Since you are investing with borrowed […]

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Day Trading For Beginners [2020 Guide]

The idea of turning a quick profit on the money markets is enchanting, but day trading is no Get-Rich-Quick scheme. It is riskier than other “buy and hold” trading practices. If you are keen on trying out day trading, first you must understand what it is. Day trading for beginners can be hard sometimes, but […]

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Pattern Day Trading (PDT) Rule [US Markets Only]

pattern day trading rule

If you are seriously considering Day Trading, there are certain rules, like Pattern Day Trading, that you should know. Failure to adhere to these trading rules may have financial consequences. One of these rules is the Pattern Day Trading rule. This article shall define the Pattern Day Trading Rule and tackle how and where it […]

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What is Futures Market?

What are Futures? To define the futures market, you must understand the concept of the “Futures Contract”. This form of investment is built around buying and selling financial instruments at a later date. Commodities are the most common financial instruments in futures trades. In this context they are raw physical products like gold, wood, corn, […]

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What is Spot Market?

what is spot market?

The spot market is the place where they trade financial instruments for immediate delivery. Delivery in this context is the exchange of cash for financial assets. These financial instruments include commodities, securities, and currencies. A futures contract is different. The delivery of such products are based on future dates. Spot Market Explained Other names for […]

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How to Start Trading: Everything You Need to Know

online trading charting tools

Trading is a viable means of earning profits from investment. Online trade is both attractive to high-income and low-income investors. There is little to discourage you from joining this trend with a variety of trading platforms in the market. From the comfort of your home, you can trade assets and make decent returns. These trading […]

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Creating a Currency Trading Plan: Questions to Answer

When creating a currency trading plan, it is crucial to make sure you cover some main bases. Like any endeavor, trading starts with some set of rules.  In setting up these rules, you should be aware of the following questions: Your Motivation – What are the reasons for trade? How do I become a successful forex […]

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Trading With Currencies: Type of Analysis

Technical and fundamental analysis are essential tools when it comes to trading with currencies. Seemingly, each type of analysis has different types of traders as supporters: Fundamental analysis is the choice of long-term traders. It is because they focus on analyzing stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, options, and commodities.  Technical analysis is more suitable for short-term traders. […]

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Fiat Currency Trading: What Time is the Best Time to Trade?

Fiat currency trading happens in the Forex market. When starting out, any trader should understand this market. As it is a foothold for other types of trading, it holds analysis applicable to different types of trading. Seemingly, the best time for currency trade depends on the currency. Second, the best time depends on the obligations […]

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Currency Trading Risk Management Tips to Keep You Afloat

Currency trading risk is one of the realities you should remind yourself over and over again. Thereby, the goal of each strategy connected to the risk is to minimize it. For this reason, specific trading strategies can help to reduce and minimize losses. As trading is all about endurance, keeping yourself afloat is a viable […]

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