Understanding Momentum and Position Trading

momentum and position tradin

There are many strategies for trading stocks. Momentum and position come up in our radar as two of the most interesting types of trading strategies. It would make sense to discuss the two strategies side by side as they are relatable. Two Strategies of Momentum Trading There are two basic concepts behind the strategies of […]

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From Day Trading To Long-Term Investing


When starting in forex, you may be overwhelmed by the information on what it means to be an investor. A common mistake that many beginners make is the duplication of strategies from other investors. What works for one trader may not necessarily work for you. Some traders begin as positional traders or day traders without […]

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Different Types of Forex Traders

types of traders

The forex market is one of the world’s biggest financial markets. Forex trading presents you with the opportunity to profit from your investors. Maybe you are a new trader, and you are struggling with the question, “What kind of trader am I?” Or perhaps you have been reading around and stumbled upon terms like ‘Day […]

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Fitting Your Currency Trade Strategy: Scalping, Day or Swing?

Different traders utilize their model that could be well-known or a new currency trade strategy. Usually, it goes with their preferences alongside other factors. For the most part, it depends on the time available for trade. However, those that get hooked on trading may leave their full-time job. If one can find a successful currency […]

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