Creating a Currency Trading Plan: Questions to Answer

When creating a currency trading plan, it is crucial to make sure you cover some main bases. Like any endeavor, trading starts with some set of rules.  In setting up these rules, you should be aware of the following questions: Your Motivation – What are the reasons for trade? How do I become a successful forex […]

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What is Futures Market?

What are Futures? To define the futures market, you must understand the concept of the “Futures Contract.” This form of investment is built around buying and selling financial instruments at a later date. Commodities are the most common financial instruments in futures trades. Commodities in this context are raw physical products like gold, wood, corn, […]

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What is Spot Market?

what is spot market?

The spot market is the place where they trade financial instruments for immediate delivery. Delivery in this context is the exchange of cash for financial assets. These financial instruments include commodities, securities, and currencies. A futures contract is different. The delivery of such products are based on future dates. Spot Market Explained Other names for […]

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How to Start Trading: Everything You Need to Know

online trading charting tools

Trading is a viable means of earning profits from investment. Online trade is both attractive to high-income and low-income investors. There is little to discourage you from joining this trend with a variety of trading platforms in the market. From the comfort of your home, you can trade assets and make decent returns. These trading […]

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How to Trade Forex: 2020 Forex Trading for Beginners

What is Forex Trading? Forex is an abbreviation for foreign exchange. It also goes by the name of Fx trading. Forex is the process of changing a currency into another. Why? For a variety of reasons. It could be international trade, tourism, or commerce. The forex market averages over $5.1 trillion in daily trades. Forex […]

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Análisis completo de Invest100 el mejor broker para invertir

Esta semana vamos a hablar de un broker para invertir que brinda múltiples mercados en dónde podremos operar. Invest100 permite hacer trading en forex, índices, acciones, criptomonedas, bonos y ETFs. Operar en muchos mercados es siempre muy útil ya que nos permite tener muchas alternativas a la hora de ejecutar órdenes. Podemos combinar múltiples estrategias […]

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Understanding Momentum and Position Trading

momentum and position tradin

There are many strategies for trading stocks. Momentum and position come up in our radar as two of the most interesting types of trading strategies. It would make sense to discuss the two strategies side by side as they are relatable. Two Strategies of Momentum Trading There are two basic concepts behind the strategies of […]

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From Day Trading To Long-Term Investing


When starting in forex, you may be overwhelmed by the information on what it means to be an investor. A common mistake that many beginners make is the duplication of strategies from other investors. What works for one trader may not necessarily work for you. Some traders begin as positional traders or day traders without […]

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Different Types of Forex Traders

types of traders

The forex market is one of the world’s biggest financial markets. Forex trading presents you with the opportunity to profit from your investors. Maybe you are a new trader, and you are struggling with the question, “What kind of trader am I?” Or perhaps you have been reading around and stumbled upon terms like ‘Day […]

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How to Become a Successful Forex Trader

become a forex trader trading currencies

Everyone has the potential to become a forex trader. Many factors work in your favor in the present as opposed to 20 years ago. In 2020, we have advanced computer systems, countless educational content, and the availability of trading platforms. Though forex trading is available at the swipe of a screen or click of a […]

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5 Most Successful Forex Traders in the World

key to success

You must be fascinated by the stories of the world’s most successful forex traders if you are like me. Who are these individuals, and how can I imitate them? A common thing that we tend to overlook is the countless hours and sleepless nights that were sacrificed. Here is an article to highlight the stories […]

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